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Anti-Jewish Quotas: Central Europe and Beyond

23 - 24 November 2020

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Anti-Jewish Quotas: Central Europe and Beyond

Online conference organized by the Nationalism Studies Program and Jewish Studies Program at Central European University (Budapest/Vienna) and the Tom Lantos Institute (Budapest)
In 1920, the Hungarian parliament introduced an anti-Jewish quota for admission to universities, thus making Hungary the first country in Europe to pass antisemitic legislation in the post-World War I period. On the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the so-called ‘numerus clausus law’, we are organizing an international conference to examine the history of restrictive ethnic and racial quotas in the first half of the twentieth century.
The conference aims to explore the ideologies of quota regimes and the ways they have been justified, implemented, challenged and remembered. We will discuss the historical origins of quotas, the moral, legal and political arguments developed by their supporters and opponents; the domestic and international debates surrounding anti-minority quotas; as well as the consequences – both intended and unintended – of their implementation. Particularly attention is paid to the role played by the Hungarian ‘numerus clausus’, not only as a model for other restrictive quotas, but also as a touchstone in the larger debates about liberalism, the “Jewish Question,” and the “Refugee Question” in the interwar period.
Areas of Discussion
1. Anti-Jewish Quotas: A Central European Perspective
2. Anti-Jewish Quotas, Antisemitic Violence  
3. The Numerus Clausus: Hungarian Jewish Perspectives 

All participants must register online. Registration will close at midnight 12am CEST, Thursday 19th November.

The Conference will be an online event. Further details for joining the meeting will be sent following confirmation of registration.

Working language: English

Other information
Following the conference, the presented papers of the speakers will be published on the TLI and CEU websites, being made openly available for future consideration and analysis.
Information to access the event will be sent to you several days in advance.


Start: 23 November 2020
End: 24 November 2020
Central European University, Tom Lantos Institute

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